How to hold your screening

This is a cinematic film with high quality picture and sound.

We encourage you show the film on a TV or projector and turn up the volume on your speaker system for full effect.

There are several ways to show your private screener file on your TV, here are a couple:

Burn your own DVD or BluRay using Toast or another free dvd burning program.

If your computer has an HDMI port, connect an HDMI cable from your computer to the screen.

if you have an Apple TV and a Mac, use the Beamer App.

Please email us if you have any questions or want to request a hard DVD or BluRay copy, we would be happy to help:

If you must watch the film on your computer, please connect some higher quality speakers and watch in a small group.

The film is 11 minutes long

We suggest setting aside at least an hour to have time for the conversation after watching the film.

Along with your conversation guide, visit @thecyclefilm on twitter for more questions to help your conversation.